Earth Day is Every Day in the beautiful Cayman Islands

April 22nd is Earth Day for the entire globe. Here in the Cayman Islands, teams of people can be seen collecting litter from the side of roads, beaches and other common areas. But where does that litter come from? 

Look around your neighbourhood, you may be surprised to see how much litter has settled in bushes, kerbsides and other areas. This litter then blows around and makes its way to open water, roadsides and our beaches. To stop this, please follow these important tips when placing trash in your garbage can at your home or business. 

  • Place all garbage in tied garbage bags before placing in your trash can
  • Ensure your garbage can has a lid and is fitted securely to stop dogs cats, rats and chickens from accessing the garbage
  • Consider recycling to reduce the amount of trash in your garbage can

Please remember to only recycle items such as:

  • types 1 & 2 plastics,
  • tin & aluminium cans,
  • glass,
  • ceramics
  • and mixed papers inside the recycling containers at DEH recycling depots

Take bulk waste, hazardous waste, e-waste as well as construction and landscaping waste to the 24-hr drop-off site located at the entrance of the George Town Landfill.

Play your part! Help us to keep the Cayman Islands clean, not just on Earth Day, but every day!

For more information reach out to DEH on the following link DEH Cayman Islands 


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